EcoOne HOSE Pre-Filter

The EcoOne® Outdoor HOSE Pre-filter easily attaches to either end of a garden
hose to provide fresh, pure, clean and decontaminated water for all of your outdoor
water needs. Great for filling your spa or topping off your pool too!

Our HOSE filter removes or greatly reduces thousands of common water
contaminants and hazards including chlorine, lead, arsenic, mercury, DDT (and other
pesticides), hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), VOC’s & organic contaminants,
dissolved metals and scale causing minerals.

Less than a half a penny per gallon!
Removes 90% of chlorine and 98% of metals for up to 40,000 gallons

Note: product may come with either label.
ecoone pre-filter
Ecoone hose filter
Simplify your spa maintenance... Naturally.
Filter lasts up to 8,000 Gallons! (fills a 350 gallon hot tub 22 times or a 500 gallon tub 15 times.)

The EcoOne® Pre-Filter solves most startup spa and pool water problems without the use of chemicals. Saves money, time and hassle
by removing or reducing most common water contaminants before they get into your pool or spa.  The convenient design will work on
either end of a standard garden hose.

The EcoOne® pre-filter has hundreds of other useful household applications: flower and vegetable gardeners, fish ponds', bird baths,
pet water, fish tanks, lawns, car washing, etc.

Solves most initial spa water problems caused by:
- Dissolved heavy metals
- Lime and Scale
- Organic contaminants and VOC’s
- Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
- Plus hundreds of other common water contaminants! - See Partial List Below

EcoOne® Pre-Filter Technical Specifications

Technical Data:
When tested against the National Sanitation Foundations Standard No. 53 “Drinking Water Treatment Units – Health Effects”, the
EcoOne® Pre-Filter water treatment unit met all required standards.

Unit size/weight:
2 ½” X 10” with FPT inlet/outlet; weight: 1 ¼ lbs

Filter Media Test:
Input turbidity: 12 TU
Effluent turbidity: Initial: 0.8 TU
Effluent turbidity: 50%: 0.9 TU

Unit test:
Model: ecoONE® Pre-Filter
Capacity: Up to 8,000 Gallons (depending on source water quality)
Flow Rate: 2 GPM
Temp range: 35F-100F
Working pressure range: 20-100 psi

The EcoOne® Pre-Filter is a combination of granular activated carbon (GAC) and a patented reduction/oxidation media that is
classified by the EPA as a bacteriostatic. The combined media reduces or eliminates these contaminants:

Heavy metals:                  Other Contaminants:

Mercury                           Volatile Organic Contaminates (VOC’s)
Lead                                Hydrogen sulfide
Iron                                  Chlorine and its byproducts (THM’s)
Copper                            Fluoride
Cadmium                         Nitrate
Barium                             Arsenic
Chromium VI                   Endrin
Chromium III                    Lindane
Salenium                         Methoxychlor
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